Taking in and giving something.

I was trying to post some new images but felt the need to do something instead. last night, I heard a news that a friend's daughter is not feeling well. I was saddened by this news. I know how close my friend is to her daughter. She means the world to her right now. We're ocean and miles apart. In the end, I decided to offer something to her that I've been practicing recently during my personal quiet times - Tonglen meditation.

Instead of wishing for my own benefit, I take in the suffering of the people I know during inhalation, visualizing their pain and suffering as a thick, black, murky cloud and I am inhaling it all to go inside my body. Then during exhalation, I am sending their way health, peace, happiness, and tranquility in exchange. I hope she get well soon, my friend. You know how much I value your friendship. Not a lot of people knows me, so what? What is more important for me right now is to give them something I can offer from the heart.